(This is not summer day camp, evening classes, regular rehearsals or after school program attire.)

GCT has a mandatory dress code that must be followed to be able to participate in dress rehearsals and performances of all GCT productions. The costumes go ON TOP of this required production dress code.

During ALL dress rehearsals and ALL performances, you are to ARRIVE to the theatre ALREADY dressed in the following. Please do not change into this attire in GCT restrooms, dressing rooms, etc. ARRIVE and LEAVE in this dress code. The costumes go ON TOP of this dress code. There will be at least two co-ed dressing rooms with our staff and volunteers.


(This is for productions. Classes have a different dress code. Dance Class dress code is specific to each different class. Please read the handbook.

Boys: Solid black jazz dance shoes, solid black socks, solid black sweatpants/black jazz dance pants (length must be long enough to hit tops of shoes), solid black spandex biker shorts/gym shorts worn under jazz pants, solid black or white plain t-shirt. No stripes or noticeable logos on pants.

Girls: Solid black spaghetti strap leotard or solid black tank top leotard, Flesh-tone tights/panty hose (no bare legs), solid black jazz dance shoes, solid black sweatpants/jazz dance pants (length must be long enough to hit tops of shoes).

Girl’s hairstyles that are slick, nicely groomed hair in the following hairstyles are always much nicer on stage than your average pony tail or bun: French Twist, pigtail curls and ringlets, half up half down with curls, and “Little House On The Prairie” pigtail braids. Professional sleek looks really add to the glamour of the stage performance. Hairstyles vary based on the show, but hair should always be out of the face.

Boys and Girls hair should ALWAYS be out of the face and off of both eyebrows so the audience can see your eyes and smile. This is MOST important at Leer Photography Night and at the performances.

Carol Burnett Auditions
Gettysburg Community Theatre is also holding SENIOR AUDITIONS for ages 55+ for The Carol Burnett Show LIVE at 6pm April 3rd and 4th (pick one date).
6pm April 3 or 4, 2022 (pick one date).
Auditions will include cold readings from the script. Rehearsals will be scheduled based on cast availability.
Performances will be held September 9-18, 2022 7pm Fridays and 2pm Saturdays and Sundays.
Directed by Lauraday Kelley
Questions can be sent to
Gettysburg Community Theatre is also holding YOUTH AUDITIONS for 1st-12th Grade singers for 2022 youth productions. With parent permission, youth can submit video auditions of them singing a song of their choice if they are unable to attend one of the following in person audition dates for in person productions.
Youth audition dates to choose from include 6pm April 13, 6pm May 11, or 6pm May 25.
Everyone at an in person audition date or video submission to will be considered for casting in one or more of the youth productions of Junie B. Jones the musical based on the books which will perform as part of a July Summer Day Camp, James And The Giant Peach, also based on a book which will perform as part of August Summer Day Camp, and Xanadu based on the 80’s film which will perform in October as part of a Fall Musical Theatre Class.
Youth singers can choose which productions they are interested in being considered for. Financial Need Based Scholarship applications are also available online at to cover tuition for our classes/camps taught by our professional faculty.
Parent must attend with child to complete and sign audition form.
Scholarship Application is located online here.