Follow all ONLINE instructions to get the clearances as a VOLUNTEER for a nonprofit organization.


Two PA background checks are required by PA law and the Board Of Directors for all volunteers ages 18+ and all parents at GCT. You will need to get these in process online immediately as it may take up to two weeks for you to receive your clearances back and you will need them in order to participate here.

They are FREE for volunteers in PA.

Below are the two links to get them. You do not need an organizational code, but you will have to create a Keystone ID.

The clearances are good for five years. You will need both clearances. They will send you the certificates and you will print and bring them to rehearsal or download and email them to me directly if you don't have a printer.  If you already have these from work, etc I just need a copy of them for our files. If I have your clearances from a recent show, I will let you know when they are expired.


Child Abuse Clearance CY113



PA State Criminal Background PSP



Request the certificates be emailed AND mailed to you.


(application takes about 15 minutes and results can take 10-14 days to process)


We want very much to keep you involved at GCT in many capacities. We hope that you will find the above steps easy and worthwhile to help us comply with the PA laws and to assist ensuring the safety of all the children as well. Once you receive your clearances, please bring them to box office so a copy can be made and kept on file at GCT. If you already have your clearances recently completed for a school or other organization, you may bring in your copies of the clearances to the box office for us to photocopy and keep on file.

We must ask that you have these FREE clearances done immediately and turned into us before you begin working with GCT. These clearances are good for five years.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for all that you do to make GCT special and safe.

Chad-Alan Carr
Founding Executive/Artistic Director
[email protected]


We are also always looking for volunteers for tech booth crew and concessions/ushers (ages 12 & up). Background checks required on ages 18+.

Email [email protected]

Please only sign up for a volunteer spot AFTER turning in your background checks to GCT. Thank you.

“The friendships created at GCT run deep and are sustaining for the kids who might not quite fit in at their own schools. The faculty is top notch so students receive excellent training in all aspects of theatre arts.

The productions mounted by GCT are very high caliber, providing the county with quality live theatre.”

A volunteer at GCT.