Competition Information

Titles to be given*


Miss Gettysburg

(A direct prelim to Miss Pennsylvania.)

Ages 18-28


Miss Gettysburg Teen

(A direct prelim to Miss Pennsylvania Teen.)

Ages 13-18


Check-in time is 8:00 AM

Saturday, March 23, 2024


Opening Number Wardrobe: White cocktail dress/jump suit attire with nude heels

Scoring, rules & regulations



Everyone must first register through the Annual Competition Registration with   Miss America

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Additionally, for all contestants for the Miss Gettysburg Scholarship Competition,

a Contestant Entry Fee of $100 check

payable to Gettysburg Community Theatre must be mailed to GCT 49 York Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325


Miss and Teen Paperwork


Email all items to

[email protected]

by Deadline: March 22, 2024



· Private Interview 30%
· Talent OR HERStory™ 20%
· Health & Fitness 20%
· Evening Gown 20%
· On Stage Conversation 10%


Private Interview- 30%
Wardrobe: Delegates Choice - Fashionable Interview Attire (age appropriate)
Timing: 30 second opening, 9 minute Q&A, optional 30 second wrap up or closing
Fact Sheet & Community Service Initiative Statement:
● State/Local Organizations will use the same Fact Sheet throughout the competition year.
● Community Service Initiative (CSI) submission is a one sheet document in which the delegate
responds in a short essay regarding her personal CSI.
● Sample of the Fact Sheet and CSI will be provided.
Format decided by the Executive State Director must be uniform for all delegates.
● The delegate may be seated at a table or standing at a podium.
● Each delegate is introduced by the panelist chair and will take her position and immediately
present a brief 30-second introduction/CSI overview. Once the CSI intro is completed, the
panelists begin the interview.
● At (9:30) nine-minute thirty second mark, timekeeper indicates (30) seconds remaining for
interview. The Panelist Chair will inform the delegate of remaining time and delegate may
choose to use the time to finish her response to the last question or proceed in a closing
● At the 10 minute mark, the timekeeper stands, and the head panelist indicates the interview
time is up. Concluding that delegate’s private interview phase.
Purpose - Allows Insight Into the delegate’s:
● ability to fulfill the qualifications, responsibilities, duties, and term of the titleholder.
● personal qualities and attributes relevant to the titleholder position.
● commitment to her community service initiative or CSI.
● ability to express her own beliefs in an authentic and relatable manner.
● sense of accomplishments /goals above and beyond the fact sheet.
● spontaneity, intelligence, sense of humor, charm and charisma.
● authenticity and ability to answer questions in a conversational, unrehearsed manner
● ability to serve as a role model and if she is reflective of her generation.


Performing Arts Talent OR HERStory™ - 20%
Wardrobe: delegate’s Choice – Performance Arts Talents or HERStory™ Presentation

Timing: up to 90 seconds

Purpose: To underscore the Miss America and Miss America’s Teen commitment to supporting
performance arts education initiatives and women’s individual efforts in dance, music, opera/vocal,
drama, magic, oratory, karate,and circus arts.

Performance Talent Requirements: Talent must be approved by National MAO or previously
approved as listed on the most recent “Approved Performance Talent List” OR be in compliance with
the guidelines for the HERStory™ stage presentation. HERStory™ guideline sheet to be used.
Allows Insight into the delegate’s:
● preparatory, performance or storytelling skills.
● overall presentation skills and ability to deliver a captivating presentation.
● interpretive ability and entertainment value relative to the category of performance art.
● stage presence, on-stage personality and personal connection to her story.
● Allows a look at the totality of the performance elements of on stage presentation
● ability to capture the attention of an audience while performing on stage.


Health & Fitness - 20%
Wardrobe: delegate’s choice of fitness outfit, silhouettes outlined by MAO style guide, but
determined at local/state level. Examples of Fitness Wear options include yoga/dance/athletic
wear. Judges to evaluate the following: Overall First impression of a Dynamic Presence, Radiates
Health, High Energy, Engaging Vitality and a Sense of Confidence.
● The organization will present each delegate in a pre-blocked stage pattern that will not
exceed 20-30 seconds per delegate.
Purpose: This phase of competition is where the delegate showcases her commitment to health
and fitness initiatives. At the local/state organization discretion this phase may include a
voice-over on her experience with self-care and health goals, and related initiatives, or a
health/fitness statement. A delegate’s discipline and commitment to being physically healthy is a
key to success in all other areas of life, and the rigors of representing the Miss America or Miss
America’s Teen program as a national titleholder.
Allows Insight Into:
● the delegate’s comfort and confidence level on stage.
● the delegate’s overall impression of health and fitness commitment.
● on stage presentation and energy, comfort in front of an audience, confidence.
● the ability to gauge the audience’s impression of the contestant.
● the delegate’s spontaneity, and lack of “robotic” stage presentation;
● Ability to determine if delegate could serve as national health/fitness ambassador



Evening Gown-20%
Wardrobe: Delegate’s Choice of Evening Wear
Timing: State/Local choice of timing to music.
Choreography: State/Local choice of choreography and timing.
Delegate will publicly present her sense of Style wearing an evening gown in a fashion suitable for an
appearance as Teen/Miss Local/Miss State. Part of a titleholder’s role is to attend galas, fundraisers,
awards shows, and other formal events. This often involves walking a red carpet, posting for the
press photographers, modeling in fashion shows, promoting various national fashion designers who
partner with Miss America or Miss America’s Teen programs.
Allows Insight into the delegate’s:
● Ability to capture attention on stage, and individual stage presence.
● Comfort, confidence, and composure.
● Overall impression of ability to represent the Miss America or Miss America’s Teen
Organization at a high profile event.
● Scoring is based on how the delegate carries herself/performs in this phase of competition,
not on the actual gown she is wearing or the perceived cost of that gown.


Miss Gettysburg

Scholarship Competition 2024

Date March 23 | Time: 7 PM


Gettysburg Community Theatre

49 York Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325


Schedule is subject to change.

Check in time: 8:00 AM

Interviews: 10AM

Competition: 7 PM